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Apricot Fruit | Apricot benefits and Full information

Apricot Fruit – In this article, we will learn about the fruit of the Apricot. Apart from this, we will also know the benefits of apricots and information related to the apricot tree. If you read this post completely, then I sincerely hope, you will like this post Apricot very much. First of all, know about the apricot and its tree.

Apricot fruit information

Apricot fruit is sweet and sour. Which looks very tasty to eat. Apricot cultivation is being grown in India for about 5,000 thousand years. According to botany, the peach tree, potato Bukhara, and the fruit of apricot, three are considered to be of the same lineage.

The lineage of these three fruits is Prunus. Apricots are kept on the list of delicious and important fruit in India and Pakistan. Many types of nutrients and vitamins are found inside apricots, which are very beneficial for the body.

Apricot is a fruit known by different names in different languages. Apricot is known as Apricot in the English language. In its Persian language, it is called by the name “Zard Aloo”, both of these words have their own significance, Jard means “yellow” and Aloo means “Potato Bukhara”.

Aloo is called aloo in the Hindi language, but in Persian, also is called “aloo Zameen”, which means “aloo Bukhara growing under the ground”.

The apricot tree is smaller in height than other trees. The height of this tree is about 8 to 12 cm. The trunk of this tree is about 40 cm thick. This tree is very dense.

There is always a nice shadow beneath it. Apricot leaves are 5 to 8 cm in length and 4 to 8 cm in width, the shape of these leaves is oval. Apricot flowers bloom in the winter season, the color of these flowers is white and light pink.

The size of these flowers is about 1 to 2 inches. Apricot flowers mostly bloom in pairs (two together). Apricot fruit is the size of a peach. Peach and Apricot are fruits of the same species. The color of apricots is usually yellow, orange, black, and red. Which gets its red color due to sunlight.

Apricot peel is very soft. At the time when its fruit ripens, there is also light rust on it. Inside the apricot remains the seed sealed inside a hard shell. The inside of this seed is edible. Apricot seeds taste like almonds.

Improved varieties of apricot

Many improved varieties of the apricot plants are grown. Apricots are cultivated in different seasons depending on the variety. Let us know about some popular varieties of apricot.

Black Prince

In this variety of apricot, the color of the fruits remains red. It is a hybrid species, the height of its plants is similar to that of normal plants. The disease is also very less in this variety of plants.


Plants of this species start bearing fruit very early. The fruits start on these plants in the month of June. The shape of the fruits of this plant is round, it is yellow in color.

Whitened Apricots

Large size fruits come from the white apricot plants, the color of these fruits is light yellow. The fruits ripen on the plant by the month of July. The seeds of Safeda Apricot are sweet and taste like almonds.

Black Velvet

Plants of this species bear fruit later than other plants. Apart from this, the height of these plants is also less. The black velvet variety of apricot ripens by the last days of August. Its color is black. And it is also used for making pickles.

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Charmagge Apricots

Plants of this type mature very quickly. Their fruits also ripen by the month of June. About 60 to 80 kg of fruits come on one plant. This variety of apricots is also used for eating dried and fresh. Its taste is sweet.

Pineapple Apricot

This type of plant-like winter is more. This plant starts bearing fruit about five years after planting. On top of this, the fruits ripen in the month of July. And the color of this apricot is yellow.

Harcot Apricot

The most important thing about this species is that there is no disease like fungus on it. Plants of this variety can be grown very easily in the middle mountain areas. These plants give fruits by the month of June. The color of these fruits is light yellow and pink.

Advantages and disadvantages of eating apricots

Apricot is a delicious and nutritious fruit. It is very beneficial for the health of the body. But every fruit has a method of consuming it. If you eat any fruit the wrong way, then it can harm you. In this article, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating apricots? Learn about both.

benefits of apricots

Apricots keep our body away from many diseases. Apart from this, it also increases the nutrients of the body. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Let us first know the benefits of eating apricots and in which diseases it is beneficial for our body.

If you use apricot fruit in your daily routine, then it is very beneficial for your bones. Potassium and magnesium are found inside it, according to some research, both nutrients are considered good for the bones of the body. Apart from this, many other elements are found in bones inside apricots, calcium and phosphorus are the main ones. You can also consume apricots in the form of fruits and dry fruits to keep your bones strong.

  1. Apricots strengthen the digestive system in our body. It is also very beneficial for reducing body weight. If you drink apricot juice, then you should not drink the juice and consume it directly as a fruit. Due to this fiber produces satiety hormone in the body. Due to this, there is less appetite. And your stomach remains full for the whole day. This also reduces your weight.
  2. For those who exercise, or exercise regularly, the apricot acts like a Ramban. If you consume dried apricots, then it helps to strengthen and increase your muscles. A good amount of protein is found inside dried apricots.
  3. Anti-aging properties and antioxidant properties are found inside apricots, which are very beneficial for our skin. It does not cause wrinkles on the skin. If you consume apricots in a regular quantity during the apricot season. So it is very beneficial for your skin.
  4. As our age increases. Due to this, our eyesight starts decreasing. But this problem can be solved. If you take care of your body in the initial days. For this, you can also consume apricots and other fruits. Apricots are beneficial for the eyes because they contain rich amounts of beta-carotene.
  5. Apricots are also very beneficial for reducing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties found inside it reduce the inflammation of the stomach. Apart from this, there are some edible elements inside its seeds as well. Which is very beneficial for inflammation. It reduces the swelling of your stomach.
  6. Benefits of Apricots for Hair? Our body’s walls start falling due to iron deficiency. Because of this we gradually start becoming bald. Rich amounts of iron are found inside apricots. If you eat apricots. So your hair fall can be reduced to some extent. Apart from this, you can consume all iron-rich fruits and vegetables.
  7. A phytochemical element called phenolic is found in the fruit of apricot, which is very beneficial for our heart. Apart from this, it also keeps you away from heart-related diseases.
  8. Many nutrients like magnesium, fiber, and potassium are found in apricot fruit, which is very beneficial in controlling our blood pressure. For this, you can use apricots as fruit or eat them dry. It is beneficial in both ways.

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use of apricot

  • Apricot is one such fruit, which is used in many ways. Some skin-related products made from it are also used. Know, some uses of apricots –
  • If you consume a milkshake, then you can use apricots in your shake. This will make your milkshake even more delicious.
  • When the fruits of the apricot are dried, an almond-shaped edible substance comes out inside its seed, which is very tasty to eat.
  • You can also use apricots in your morning breakfast.
  • You can also use apricots in the form of fruit salad. You can also add spices to enhance the taste of fruit salad.
  • You can also use dried apricots for eating. It is also very tasty.
  • There are also apricot scrubs available in the market, which you can use for your face.

disadvantages of apricots

  • By the way, there is no harm to any fruit. But still, it is very important for you to take care of some things.
  • If you consume apricots in a controlled quantity, then it does not cause any harm to you. Always keep one thing in mind before eating apricots that always avoid consuming too much of them.
  • Children should not eat apricots.
  • Happy apricots are a bit tough. Therefore, it should always be chewed thoroughly. Otherwise, you may get harmed by it.
  • The skin of some people is very sensitive, such people should avoid the consumption of apricots. Because it can also cause allergy problems.
  • Apricot is a healthy fruit. If you use it as a medicine, then it is beneficial for you.
  • If you have any kind of disease, then do not consume apricots without the advice of the doctor.

Apricot Fruit FAQ

What are the uses of Apricots?

Apricot is a type of fruit, it is used for eating. Apricots are eaten both as a fruit and as a fruit. Apart from this, some beauty products are also made from apricots.

Is it good to use apricots for hair?

Apricot seeds contain an element called oleic acid, which is a type of omega-9 fatty acid. It provides moisture to our scalp, and helps in making it more supple. Due to which the dryness of the hair is cured, and the hair remains healthy.

How to know if apricot fruit is ripe?

When the fruit of the apricot starts to turn light golden, and orange in color, a sweet aroma starts coming from inside it. When you press them, it starts squeezing lightly, which means that the apricot fruit is fully ripe. When the fruit is green in colour, it is unripe.

In what season do apricots grow?

The season of apricot is from May to August, in these months it is fully ripe and ready.

Can I eat apricots at night?

Always eat a fresh fruit at night, it is good for our health. But you should always choose such fruits, which are rich in potassium, in such a situation, you can consume fruits like banana, dates, apricots. It is beneficial in giving better sleep.

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