Best 10 Home Gardening Tips And Tricks - Best 10 Home Gardening Tips And Tricks -

Best 10 Home Gardening Tips And Tricks

Home Gardening Tips: With lush green plants and colorful flowers, the beauty of your balcony, terrace, and garden increase manifold. Everyone wants that there should be such a green corner in his house, on seeing all the tiredness goes away, as well as seeing them grow with their own eyes. If you want to do Home Gardening Tips, then make it a part of your daily routine. Many people get plants planted but they do not know how and when to water, fertilize and fertilize, etc. In such a situation, instead of growing, the plants get spoiled. Well, gardening at home is not a difficult task, you just need to take care of the plants.

Home Gardening Tips and Tricks Easy Home Gardening Tips

By adopting some simple tips related to gardening, you can improve your home garden. With this, your garden, bed, or balcony garden will look very green and beautiful. So let’s know about the tips and tricks of gardening at home –

plant in dry soil

Spread the soil in which you are going to plant the plant a day or two before on a paper or someplace and show sunlight. Due to this, insects and fungus, etc. present in the soil are eliminated.

Fertilizer is essential

To make the plants grow quickly, add one to two tablespoons of compost or dung manure once a week to the plants. If you want, you can also use fertilizer available in the market.

How to Terrace Gardening

The correct dosage of water is essential

Most of us simply water the plants regularly to take care of them. But even then the plants get spoiled. The reason for this is not pouring water in the right amount. Yes, due to excessive watering, the oxygen present between the soil particles does not reach the roots of the plants, so you should water only when the top layer of the soil in the pot feels dry. Also, water every 4 days in winter season and water every day or other right in summer.

How to maintain moisture in the plant for 10-15 days

If you are going out of the house for 12-15 days, then go to the plants to arrange their food. Before going for this, spread the leech in a pot or pot and pour water. This will keep the moisture in the plants for a long time. Some special plants grow in a kind of lichen pond, which you will get from any nursery.

sun maintenance

Indoor plants also need sunlight. That’s why 1-2 times a week keep them in the sun for a few hours. In summer, shade the plants with a net to protect them from the scorching sun, so your trees don’t get damaged.

Use cocopeat soil

If you want your plants to grow quickly or if you do not have enough soil for a kitchen garden, then you can use cocopeat. Cocopeat farming is artificial soil prepared from coconut husk and manure. Many types of essential nutrients are found in it, which are helpful in growing plants quickly. You can also buy it from a nursery or online store.

Plants will not have insects

Often old medicines or vitamins kept in our homes get expired, which we throw directly in the dustbin, but if you are fond of gardening, then do not do this at all. Do not throw these medicines, but put them in the pot. This will prevent insects from entering the flowers.

weeding is very important

It is very important to till the soil of the plants. Often most people skip this step and their plants wither. Try putting your finger in the soil of the pots. If the soil is too hard, do hoeing. Mow the soil at least once or twice a month. This allows the soil to get air and water well.

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