BYJUs Success Story – BYJU's is the country's most valuable startup - BYJUs Success Story – BYJU's is the country's most valuable startup -

BYJUs Success Story – BYJU’s is the country’s most valuable startup

BYJUs Success Story – Friends, in today’s article we will talk about BYJU’s online learning app. BYJU’s is such a name, about which we all must have seen or heard something at one time or another. Whether it is Team India’s jersey or TV advertisements or banners running on YouTube and Facebook, we have often seen or heard the name BYJU.

Apart from this, BYJUS is also known because its brand ambassador is Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. You must have seen Shahrukh Khan in its advertisement. However, in October 2021, when Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan was arrested by the NCB in a drug case, BYJU’s banned all advertisements of Shahrukh Khan to avoid trouble.

Today in this article we will talk about the success story of BYJUs. Also, we will know when BYJU started? (When did BYJU start), who owns BYJU’s? So let’s start.

BYJU’S Full Story

A teacher couple named Ravindran and Shobhanavalli lived in Azhikode, Kerala. While Ravindran used to teach Physics, Shobhanavalli used to teach Maths. Ravindran and Shobhanavalli’s son’s name was Byju. Ravindran and Shobhanavalli gave good education to their son. Byju also studied diligently and then went to work abroad.

In the year 2003, when Byjus came to India after taking leave from his job, he started teaching his friends studying MBA as a hobby. In the meantime, they thought why not give me the exam too. After that, he gave the exam and got 100% result on the very first attempt. He thought that he must have been stunned, so he took the exam again. But in the second examination also 100 percent result came.

After this Byjus started teaching children. Byju’s parents were also teachers, so it was not difficult for Byju. The children taught by Byju were well understood. This is the reason that initially only 2 students used to come to him to study, but later more than 1000 students started coming to him to study. By the year 2007, Byju had more than 20 thousand students in 9 cities in the country. To teach so many students, Byju used to read many times to take classes in the indoor stadium.

While teaching children, Byjus had noticed one thing in our country, colleges focus only on numbers. Because of this, many times the fundamental concepts of the children were not clear. Now Byjus cannot go to different cities of the country and teach children. In such a situation, I thought why not make an app where children from all over the country can easily clear their concepts.

Byju’s first launched the Think and Learn app in the year 2011. During this, Byju focused his attention on the children from class 1 to class 12. The reason for this was that their number in the country was in crores. After this BYJUs made some changes and in the year 2015, BYJU’s app was launched.

After the launch of BYJU, in the first three months, about 20 lakh students joined it. BYJUs received funding of Rs.921 crore in the year 2016. In the year 2017, BYJU’s made Shahrukh Khan it’s a brand ambassador. By the year 2018, the valuation of BYJU crossed $1 billion. In the year 2019, BYJU became the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team. In the year 2021, BYJU’s surpassed Paytm to become India’s most valuable startup.

If we talk about the success of BYJU, then tell that BYJU’s paid a lot of attention to the method and style of studies. Expert teachers were recruited to make the children clear the concepts in an easy and fun way. Short videos were made through video and graphics. Many videos were shown to children and parents for free. Those who liked this video had to subscribe to BYJU’s by paying money to watch more videos.

Apart from this, BYJU also gets a lot of funding. BYJUs used this money for advertising. BYJU ropes in Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador. Apart from this, buy the rights of the jersey of the Indian cricket team. Apart from this, money was also shed on advertising on TV and social media. Due to this BYJU’s never got away from the public eye.

To stay in the market, BYJUs either eliminated or acquired its major competitors. BYJUs acquired several companies including Epic Games, Topper, Great Learning, Hush Learn, Scholar, Whoothat, and Gradeup.


Who owns BYJU’s?

What is the fee for BYJU’s App?

Around 25,000 users are joining the app every month. “Children start learning on their own when they see how fun and easy learning is,” said Raveendran. ‘ Byju’s has an average annual subscriber ticket size of Rs 10,000.

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