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Hima das inspirational story | Best short summary 2022

Hima das inspirational story | Best short summary 2022 inspirational story

So let’s know the amazing success story of Hima Das.

In fact, when it comes to race, the first name that comes on every Indian’s tongue is of PT Usha and Milkha Singh.

It was the great player of India who made the whole world proud in the international race world.

He was the first Indian athlete to win the gold medal by winning the race on the track of the International Race, which brought India’s name to the whole world.

Winning a gold, medal is not easy, behind it a lot of hard work is hidden.

But after a very long time, a similar great player was born again in the world of race. Whose name is Hima Das

The life of these two great players is an inspiration for every player. Hima Das was also very much influenced by the lives of these two.

Due to this – Hima Das, who came from a poor family in Assam to show the courage and passion to do something – won the race 9 times in the race competition on the international track and won 8 gold medals and one silver medal in the whole world. Not only illuminated the name of India but also created a new history of success.

There was a time when Hima Das took her first step in the world of the race with torn shoes. Hima started the wonderful journey of the racing world with her torn shoes and today the whole world believes in the iron of this player in the race.

Salute to the passion of this girl who by doing this has told the whole world that when there is a desire to get something, then poverty like trouble never becomes a hindrance. And in front of stubbornness, all the troubles also kneel.

Let me tell you that there have been many troubles in the life of this girl, while facing and struggling, this girl has reached this point today without giving up.

The amazing success story of Hima Das

Hima Das was born on 2 January 2000 in India in a small village Kandumri in the state of Assam. Today Hima Das has turned 20 years old.

He was born in a poor family. His father is a farmer who had only two bighas of land which he used to feed the family by growing food grains and vegetables and selling some grains and vegetables used to run the household expenses.

So this was the financial condition of Hima Das’s family.

After this, the father somehow got Hima Das’s name written in the school.

Since childhood, Hima Das was very interested in sports.

When sports competitions were organized in school, she was mostly attracted towards the game of football. There was a lot of eagerness to play football in her mind.

As Hima Das grew up, she started participating in sports competitions at the school. In which she performed well.

Hima Das’s dream was to become a very big football player.

Once a big football competition was organized in the school. In which a very big sports teacher had come as a guest.

Seeing Hima Das’s excellent performance and amazing staminar in this football match, he talked to the school’s sports teacher.

The school’s sports teacher proposed to play athletes in front of Hima and also explained that this will prove to be a very good career in your life.

Think once. This is l golden opportunity for you, don’t let it pass you by.

Hima Das was so inspired by the words of the sports teacher that she immediately accepted the advice of the sports teacher and agreed to play athlete.

Well then your practice will start from tomorrow as soon the race competitions are going to start on the state star. If you perform well in this race, then you can also be selected among the national athletes ahead. So much the sports teacher leaves from there.

Mirabai Chanu jeevni

Hima Das was very happy about this for some time, but suddenly when her eyes fell on her torn shoes, her mind became very sad inside.

Despair came to her mind, while going to the house, she kept looking at those shoes again and again because her torn dirty shoes were screaming and telling about the helplessness of the father and the financial condition of the house. who were unable to afford new shoes and training for him.

Due to this Hima Das did not say anything to her father about this. Hima das decided that she would train in these shoes and run for the race.

Now Hima Das’s dream was not only to become a good athlete but to improve the financial condition of the house had also become a goal.
What was it then Hima Das immediately picked up the shoes and reached the cobbler and got the shoes repaired?

The very next day Hima put on those shoes and reached the practice ground with a new passion. Even though the shoes were not strong, Hima’s spirits were very strong.

Hima used to practice a lot of races and used to sweat every day, dreaming of doing something in her mind by wearing those shoes.

After a few days, the entire team including the school’s sports teacher Hima Das reached Guwahati where sports competitions were being conducted on District Star.

Nipun Das, a very big coach of athletes, was also present there.

Here the 200-meter race begins and the accomplished Das was watching this race with his gaze.

Initially, Hima Das was behind 5 players, then gradually Hima Das saw her race and speed, Hima Das started moving ahead while trailing her competitor, due to which everyone’s eyes went towards Hima Das.

Now before Hima Das could beat the other two players, the race ends. In this way, Hima Das maintains her hold on the third place.

Even though Hima could not get the first position, in the third place, Hima had qualified for the National Games. Which was a very happy moment.

In such a situation, the eyes of the accomplished slave fell on the shoes of Hima Das, seeing that the accomplished slave got into thinking that how could this girl run so fast in spite of such shoes.

The accomplished slave understood that there is definitely something special in this girl and the seminar is amazing, if she had got a few more seconds, she could have come in the first place also.

If this girl is given good training, then she can easily bring a gold medal in an international race competition.

Thinking just what was then, the very next day the accomplished slave reached Hima Das’s house.

Nipun Das ji asked Hima’s father to allow her to go to Guhati for training.
But the father refused thinking that. I will not be able to bear the cost of training and living there.

Here the accomplished slave had understood why he was refusing, after this, the accomplished slave, removing his father’s concern, said you should not worry, I will bear the cost of living and training, just allow you to go. . It is a question of his career. Believe me, your daughter has a lot of ability so that she can bring light to the name of our country.

Just after hearing all this, the father allowed the daughter Hima to go. Here there was no place for Hima Das’s happiness.

The very next day Hima after packing all the things and touching the feet of her mother and father leaves for Guhati for the strict training of Nipun Ji to fulfill her dreams.

hima das inspirational story in hindi

Now from here begins the story of the hard work and struggle of Hima Das.

Now Nipun Das runs Hima Das on the first 200-meter track.

Seeing Hima’s amazing stamina and speed on this 200-meter track, some accomplished slaves understood that Hima would prove to be right for 400 meters race as well.

After this Hima’s training was also done in 400 meters race.

The entire team took part in the Common Wealth Games being held in Australia in April 2018.

Representing India in this 400 meters race, Hima Das and her team finished seventh in the final.

Although he could not win this match, the spirits were now strong.

Due to this, he started preparing for the upcoming international sports match with full diligence.

Exactly 7 months later, the time came for the World Under Twenty Championships, which were being held in Finland. In this match, Hima Dus won the final race of 400 meters and won the gold.

With this Hima Das became the first woman sprinter in India to win gold on any international track in the race.

The story of Hima Das winning the gold medal just started from here.

After this, Hima Das illuminated the name of India all over the world by winning two gold medals and one silver medal in the Asian Games being held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After this, in 2019, Hima Das created history by winning 5 gold medals in 5 days in international tournaments at different places in Poland and the Czech Republic and made the whole world proud of her speed.

Due to this amazing success, Hima Das was awarded the Arjuna Purushkar by the President.

So friends saw how Hima Das, due to her high spirits, not only faced poverty but also became a great athlete by facing all the troubles and struggles and illuminated the name of the whole of India in the whole world.

How this girl did not only fulfill her dreams at the age of 18 to 19 on the strength of her high spirits and faith but also achieved more than she thought.

Today the success and struggle story of Hima Das has become a big inspiration and role model for crores of people, especially girls.

So overall conclusion comes out that if you are determined to do or become something, then put your whole life into achieving it, no matter what the circumstances are, never back down. Have faith in yourself one day you will definitely get the destination and success.

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