How to start Amul parlor franchise business 2022 | Best Business Ideas - How to start Amul parlor franchise business 2022 | Best Business Ideas -

How to start Amul parlor franchise business 2022 | Best Business Ideas

In today’s post, we will know about the Amul parlor franchise business, and what is Amul franchise. What are the products inside Amul Franchise, and how to start an Amul Franchisee business, how much cost is required to start this business, so let’s know about Amul Franchise Business?

Amul parlor franchise

Friends, whenever we think of starting a new business, often the first question that comes up is whether the business we are going to start can bear the brunt of the recession, is that business sustainable? , can that business run every season, how much profit is there in this business, and the biggest question is whether the business you are going to start, there is a demand for the brand of that business, its product, in the market

To answer all these questions, we have brought a new business, which has a lot of demand in the market, and this brand is very reliable, so friends, the name of this business is Amul Parlor Franchisee. So let’s first know what a franchise is.

What is a franchise business?

Although the meaning of Franchisee is very simple, Franchisee is a type of system within which there are many such branded companies, who give their offers in the form of new offers to the businessmen to sell their products, and when you become a Once you start the business or franchise, then the company gives its product to you, and you sell that product in the market, in return for selling this product, the company gives you some commission, which is called franchise business. In this, you do not need to do any promotion or promotion on your behalf.

Amul company information

However, if you are thinking of taking a franchise, for this you should also have some specific information about the company. Similarly, if we talk about Amul Company, then Amul Company was started in 1946. Although the main objective of this company was to make the farmers of the country self-reliant, the first step was taken to improve the condition of the farmers in the country, this company was founded by Mr. Verghese Kurien in association with Tribhuvan Bhai Patel, that is why Kurien was called India. Also known as the milkman.

Although he also formed an organization of his own, in which he established the Dairy Co-operative Union, in 1949, by making 2 villages of Gujarat a member. Not only this, Koreans were the first people in the world to prepare powdered milk from buffalo milk. Although before this also powdered milk was prepared, but it was prepared from cow’s milk. If we talk about Amul’s business, then the turnover of Amul is more than 52 thousand crores, and it is the ninth-ranked milk company in the world, many of its products are also present.

products of Amul

Although many products of Amul are also present in the market, some of their main names are like this.

  • Amul milk
  • butter
  • bread spread
  • Desi cheese
  • Curd
  • cheese sauce
  • Cream
  • Ice Cream
  • Ghee
  • milk powder
  • chocolate
  • Amul Pro
  • Bakery products
  • Amul Groundnut Spread
  • Amul Puffles
  • Amul sour cream
  • bread softener
  • Panchamrit
  • fresh cream
  • Amul cattle feed

Benefits of Amul Franchise Business

  • The biggest advantage of the Amul franchise business is that it is associated with Amul, and this Amul is their product.
  • Amul is a very reported brand every single franchisee gets a chance to work with a big brand like Amul by collaborating with their associates.
  • Amul Company does not charge any kind of royalty fee from any franchisee, nor does it take any kind of share from their profits.
  • Amul company is 75 years old company that can be trusted, that it will not do any kind of fraud.
  • All the products of Amul company are very high-quality products, and their products are properly tested and usable.
  • Their product range is very large, so it can be sold very easily in many states.
  • Whenever a franchise takes any type of equipment from Amul company, then this company also provides subsidies.
  • Discounts are also given on the purchase of other materials, which are used together in the franchise parlor business.
  • The biggest advantage in starting the business of Amul Franchisee Parlor Business is that Amul also has the largest customer base, due to which the demand for their products always remains in the markets.
  • The operation system of the Amul franchise parlor business is also very easy, which everyone can easily understand and start their own business. As well as to start this business, whatever investment it is reasonable.
  • The biggest advantage in starting this business is that Amul company always brings out some new offers for the businessmen.
  • Whenever a new businessman wants to start a franchise business, for this, Amul company always supports them to set up their store and also provides them with various improvement suggestions.
  • The biggest advantage of starting an Amul franchise business is that you do not need to do any kind of advertisement, because why their advertisement is very high quality. And they are always active in news on TV and in newspapers.
  • Amul Company always provides advice and assistance to its franchisees in carrying out complete maintenance.

Types of Amul Franchise

Amul company offers two types of a franchise which are as follows

  • Amul preferred outlet
  • Railway parlor
  • Amul kiosk
  • Amul ice-cream scoping parlor

Amul preferred outlet All types of products are sold inside this type of franchise of late, this type of shop is often seen at the railway station.

Amul ice-cream scoping parlor This franchisee can sell Amul ice cream and its other products as well as cakes, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. Although it also requires more investment, you can open this type of shop anywhere.

Amul franchise document requirement

Requirement documents are very much needed to start a franchise business which is as follows

  • Personal Identity Document (Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passbook)
  • Financial certificate (PAN card, bank account statement, canceled cheque)
  • Premises owned document (registry, vehicle deed, electricity bill, landline phone)
  • fs s an I registration
  • Document of rented premises (rental agreement, lease agreement)
  • no objection certificate
  • personnel photo
  • shop photo
  • phone number

Amul parlor franchise margin

However, if we talk about the product margin of the Amul franchise, if you sell a product with a pouch, then a margin of 2.5 percent is available in it.

A margin of 10% is available on milk products.

A margin of 20% is available on ice cream.

A margin of 20% is available on other products made by Amul Company.

Also, a 50% margin is available on other products like Pizza Burger.

Amul franchises apply online Amul franchisees apply online

However, if you want to start an Amul Franchisee business, then for this you can contact on Amul Franchisee Contact Number – 02268526666. Or if you want to apply online, then you can apply for it on Amul’s website.


In today’s post, others understood what is Amul Parlor Franchise Business, and how can you start it. Hope you have understood this information, if you like the information then share it with friends also. thanks

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