How to start fish farming | Fish farming business complete Best information 2022 - How to start fish farming | Fish farming business complete Best information 2022 -

How to start fish farming | Fish farming business complete Best information 2022

Today we will know how to start fish farming | how to do fish farming | and what is fish farming business. How much land is required for the fish farming business? In how many ways can the fish farming business be done? What kind of feed is given to the fish for their growth? How much financial help will the government give in the cost of starting this business? How much profit can be earned from the fish farming business? how to start fish farming business

How to do fish farming

If you want to get information about how to do fish farming, then you have come to the right place. If you have not received good information from anywhere, then do not worry, today we will give you the fish farming business with the help of this article. I will give complete information about

Why fish farming is done

If we talk about the participation of agricultural producers in India’s economy, then only fisheries producers have 40% of them. That is, in order to strengthen the economy, fish farming has a big role.

In India, different types of English medicines are also prepared by the special breed of fish, fish oil is prepared, apart from this fish is used in the form of dishes all over India. In view of all these demands, fish farming businesses, the fish farming business is done.

Fish is also used in food and in making some medicines. Fish oil is also being used for cooking and massage since time immemorial. People mostly use fish for food. Fish contains a high amount of protein. Which makes people healthy. Now the demand for fish is increasing.

In such a situation, if you also start fish farming, then you will also get good profits. Whatever information you need for that, we have provided all that information to you to open a fish farm. So read this article till the end.

What is fish farming business?

The fish farming business is called the fish farming business by filling clean protein-rich water in a big pond, raising fish in them, and making them big by selling them at good prices in the market. In this, from time to time, fishes have to be looked after and the ph level of water has to be maintained in water logging.

This is one such business. Which you can start with a very low cost, it does not require any kind of labor and you can earn more profit from it.

You must know what are the benefits of eating fish. We get protein and vitamins. South India and the Indian states bordering the sea such as Gujarat, Mumbai, the western states of Assam, and Kerala have the largest number of fish eaters. In Bengal, fish dishes are among the most favorite dishes. In Bengal, dishes made of fish are very much in vogue for every small and big purpose like a marriage ceremony.

The way demand for fish is not being met yet, because, in the absence of less information and awareness, very few people are doing fish farming business right now, so you can take full advantage of it now.

How to do fish farming

Do not start fish farming at all without knowledge and training. First, you should know well from that person how he is doing fish farming for a few days. For how this work is done practically, take training from where fish farming is being done.

After that, looking at the demand for fish in the surrounding area, it is to be found out that what kind of market the demand for fish is more and at what price they are being sold.

After this, according to your budget, you have to choose a clean empty place where you can get the pond constructed. Where the pond is being constructed, there should be a good facility for electricity and water.

After this, you have to buy good quality fish seeds i.e. baby fish from a nearby fish hatchery.

After this, baby fishes have to be put in the pond with less water inside the pond for 10 to 12 days, when they become a little bigger, then they have to be put in the big pond. To keep baby fish i.e. fish seed, you have to already cover a small area 10 feet long and wide with a net for them in the pond so that baby fish cannot enter the big pond.

In 25 to 30 days the fishes are ready to be sold in the market. The fish are sold in the market as soon as they weigh one kilo, the rest also depend on the type of fish, if there are big fish, then they are considered to be worth selling if they weigh 5 to 10 kg.

For fish farming, you will need a place where you can make a pond. You have to put fish seeds in that pond. That is, whatever small fish (children) he has to put. Fish seeds are available in the market at the rate of 200 ₹ – 250 ₹ per kg.

How much will it cost to build a pond?

The total cost of constructing a pond on one acre of land ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Even if you start from a small level, you will have to dig two or three pounds at least 15 feet wide and 50 feet long, which will not cost more than 50 thousand more than that.

By doing fish farming in this area, you can easily earn 70 to 80 thousand rupees a month, that too when the business starts running well. For the rest of the fish production, you can earn more by constructing a bigger pond in the future or by constructing more such ponds.

Pond fish farming is a popular fish farming business, although now fish farming done in some other way is also emerging rapidly.

You have to give food (feed whatever the fish eats) to all those fish every day. You have to remove all the fish very well. When those fish are big, then you can easily sell them.

In this way, you can start fish farming business.

types of fish farming business in India

If to start a fish farming business, you have to first understand how many ways fish farming can be done.

Friends, mostly 4 types of fish farming are done in India.

fish farming by the pond
fish farming by the plastic water tank
fish farming by cemented tank

Dam fish farming

1- Fish farming by the pond is a very old traditional method of fish farming, which is still done the most in India. First of all, in this type of fish farming, there should be a pond that is always full of water. The water of the pond should be clean.

2- Fish farming by plastic water tanks is an exotic technology of which many people are becoming aware. In this, fish farming is being done by filling water inside a plastic water tank with a capacity of some 2 thousand liters. As you see in the image.

3- Cemented tank in fish farming, artificially prepared from brick cement, that is, a small 5-foot tank prepared by itself, which is 12 to 13 feet long and wide. The thickness of the wall is 7 to 10 inches.

Cement and plastic tank fish farming is called biofloc fish farming.

4- In dam fish farming, a part of any dam is taken on rent for fish farming. This is called dam fish farming.

fish pond

As you would also know, mostly those who do fish farming. All the people make ponds and cultivate fish in them. For that, you will first need someplace where you can build the pond.

You can make a pond in two ways. A pond that is dependent on rainwater. Or you can also make such a pond in which water remains for 12 months.

Whenever you build a pond, you have to keep some things in mind. The pond you made. If there is no leakage in it in any way, do check it like this. After that fertilize the pond completely, and only then put the fish seed in the pond.

Select fish breed

The environment of our Indian country is such that here you can observe all kinds of fish. But you should choose such fish. Which can survive in any kind of environment. You should cultivate such a breed that is most demanded in your area. For this, you have to understand your fish market.

You should also choose a breed that can grow up fast. Here below we have selected some fish, you can choose according to your own.

grass carp

food for fish

If you want good and high-quality fish, then the food in the pond is not enough for the fish. You will also have to provide nutritious food to the fish from outside the pond so that the fish can grow quickly and your fish is of quality. A good diet helps in the growth of fish and good quality fish are obtained.

fish care

If you give good nutritious food to the fish, then it is not necessary that you take good care of the fish. Apart from this, there are many other factors as well. Which you have to pay attention to.

Like you have to check the pH of your pond in a few days. If there is any kind of a balance in the pH level of the pond, then balance it. Generally, the pH level of the pond should be 7 to 8 pH. The fishes have to be saved from the birds who hunt the fish in the pond. Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to the health of the fish.

Do marketing

You have produced good quality fish but now you know how to market the fish and sell them.

You market your fish to such people who do the work of selling fish. You can sell them your fish. Or you can also sell fish by going to the fish market. You can easily sell fish in your local area also. If your production period is very long then you can also sell the fish abroad. There is a lot of demand for Indian fish abroad as well.

How much subsidy is given to fish farming?

If you want to start a fish farming business. But you don’t have that much cost. Which is needed in a fish farming business. So do not worry, the government has any such scheme and subsidy. With the help of this you can easily start this business.

The government is running ‘Matsya Spanda Yojana’. In which the Government of India and the state government will provide you the subsidy. In which the Government of India will give 50% subsidy. And the state government will provide a subsidy of 25%. 75% of your business will be done through subsidy only you have to spend 25%.

In this also if you have your own pond. So great then it won’t cost you much. In this, the total expenditure is as much as 9 lakhs.

how much will it cost to fish

If you make a pond of 0.2 hectares, then it will cost you about 70 to 80 rupees. By mixing fish seeds and fish feed with it, you can start this business for 5 to 7 lakhs or less.

profit in fishing

This is what you do in the business of fishing on a large scale. And if you produce about 5000 fish in a year, then you can easily earn a profit of 4 to 5 rupees. And if you start it at a small level, then you produce 1000 fish a year, then you can earn a profit of 1 to 2 lakhs. It also depends on the demand for your fish and the quality of the fish.

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