Start saffron farming business at your home, profit of 1 lakh - Start saffron farming business at your home, profit of 1 lakh -

Start saffron farming business at your home, profit of 1 lakh

Small business idea: By starting a saffron farming business from the roof of your house, you can get a profit of lakhs every month through this business.

saffron farming business

Business idea The business we are going to learn about today, starting the saffron business with just ₹ 10000, you can get a profit of lakhs every month because if the price of this product used in this business is ₹ at one place. 10000 kg, then at another place the price of this product becomes ₹ 400000 kg, if you sell 2 kg inside this product in a month, then you can easily get a profit of 800000

You can start this business at a very low cost and can get a very good profit every month because whatever are the ways to start this business, you are going to get all the ways here as well as you will get this. You will also get information on where you can buy this product and where you can sell this product.

Saffron cultivation This is a type of business that you must have only heard about because saffron is mostly cultivated in Kashmir, but you can start the business of saffron cultivation at your home also. saffron farming to do at home. Saffron variety Kashmiri Mogra Saffron is used for this and you can easily do it at your home also.

Saffron is also known as red gold and the technology by which you can start this business is the name of some technology, aeroponic technology, till now saffron was cultivated only in Iran, Spain, and China. But now you can easily start it at your home in India also.

how to start a saffron farming business

To start the business of cultivating saffron, you will need a room where there is no effect of direct sunlight. Understand and understand how it works

What is aeroponic technology

in this technology, healthy and fine plants grown from tissue paper are planted in a soilless system in which the roots of the plants hang in the air and the sun’s rays are read over the plants, in this method soil is not required. For specific information about this technology, click and see Aeroponics

According to the information that was successful in the cultivation of saffron by aeroponic method, two farmers living in Hisar of Haryana state together successfully tested this cultivation, the names of these two farmer brothers were said to be Naveen and Praveen, these two farmer brothers worked very hard. Started this test and got success

However, to get success in this business, these farmer brothers worked very hard, for this they also went to Kashmir many times and also brought good quality saffron seeds from there and after working hard for several months, they also achieved success in business.


Although according to the conclusion found in this test, it has been proved that cultivation can be done very easily not only in other countries but also in India and this is also a new message for India. Opinion please tell in comment thank you


What is the identity of saffron?

The best way to recognize the purity of saffron is by its aroma. The aroma of pure saffron is as interesting as that of honey. Therefore, when buying saffron, take special care that if there is any kind of bitter or strong smell in saffron, then do not buy it. Saffron threads are dry and get spoiled if kept in a hot place.

How much does 1 gram of saffron cost?

₹299.00 Fullfield free delivery on orders above ₹499.

What is the cost of 1 kg of saffron?

Saffron sells up to Rs 3 lakh per kg The price of saffron in the world is levied on its quality. The price of Kashmiri saffron ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per kg in the world markets. Saffron plants start flowering in the first week of October and are ready in November.

Which is the best saffron?

best saffron business

Shalimar Organic saffron Purest & Finest Kashmiri Kesar: This box of saffron is 5 grams. Its taste, flavor, and aroma will fill your mind. This 100% pure and natural saffron is very beneficial for pregnant women.

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