How to Terrace Gardening (Best Rooftop Gardening tips) 2022 - How to Terrace Gardening (Best Rooftop Gardening tips) 2022 -

How to Terrace Gardening (Best Rooftop Gardening tips) 2022

In today’s time, terrace gardening or rooftop gardening is becoming very popular. Do people also like to make terrace gardens on the roof of their house in this article How to make terrace garden? The method of growing vegetables on the terrace and terrace gardening is explained in detail. Read this article completely to know how to do a kitchen garden on the terrace.

Gardening is the best hobby, which gives us relief from stress, it is also a good exercise for the body. We all know that trees and plants give us fresh air, and make our body and mind fresh. We build our house on less space, due to which we do not get enough space for gardening. So, terrace gardening (rooftop gardening) is one of the best solutions. The terrace is the place where the plants get good air, sun, and water to grow. Terrace gardening doesn’t have to be very expensive either.

The terrace garden is very easy to maintain, you can grow all kinds of vegetables/fruits in it. If you are planning to start terrace gardening, then this article will give you a complete idea to prepare for terrace gardening.

Basic Requirements for Rooftop Gardening

Making a garden on a terrace is not very expensive, you can get all the necessary items from the nursery for a terrace garden like plants or seeds, containers, grow bags, pots, gardening equipment, and garden soil. Or you can get potting soil and organic manures, etc.

Dedication: The main key to terrace gardening is your dedication, which is reflected in the amount of time you spend caring for the plants. Gardening doesn’t require many hours, while a minimum of 1 hour a day is enough to take care of plants. Plants require proper care for at least 1 hour every day.

Designing Idea for Terrace Gardening

Create some simple terrace gardening design layouts to make the most of the space for container gardening, vertical gardening, hanging containers, and wall-mounted containers.

How to Prepare for Terrace Gardening

The most important thing for doing roof gardening is to prepare the roof, for which you should take care of the main things like waterproofing and drainage system. Waterproofing can be done by covering the garden area with a tarpaulin sheet or by using drainage mats to hold grow bags and pots of plants during the rainy season in gardening. It is beneficial for your plant as well as the roof. Check the strength of the roof, so that it can withstand the weight of pots and soil. If the house is well built with cement and sand, then gardening can be done easily.

containers for terrace gardening

Containers are the best choice for roof gardening. You can use containers of any size and shape for terrace gardening. Avoid using plastic containers. All types of recycled containers that can hold water and soil can be used for planting plants in terrace gardening. All containers should have 2 to 3 drainage holes. Cover the bottom layer of the container with gravel to prevent soil from draining through the hole and to avoid water logging.

Using a pot or grow bag for planting plants is the best option for the garden. Select a pot or grow bag for terrace gardening depending on the size and growth of the plant. Grow bags and pots do not take up much space on the ceiling and can be easily replaced from one place to another. You can get Grow Bags for Planting in Terrace Gardening online or from the market, Click Here to Buy Grow Bags.

Vertical Growing in Terrace Gardening

To save space on the roof for gardening, you can use the walls of the roof or the vertical space, vertical gardening enhances the beauty of the ceiling. If you have walls on your roof, try vertical gardening.

Under vertical gardening, you can grow shrubs and vine vegetables like beans, gourds etc. The vines get good wall support as well as save a lot of space.
For vertical gardening use some designed stands, pot holders, hangers and hanging pots, etc.

You can also use hanging pots or railings on the walls to grow shrub plants. You can prop up the vines of plants using a creeper net.

Prepare garden layout for terrace gardening

Design the layout according to the garden area keeping in mind the heat and light requirements for the plants.

Plants that need sunlight should be placed in the sunniest location according to the sun. Plant tender plants in shady areas and plant vines in areas with less wind. Keep containers or pots in a convenient location so you can water them easily.

The layout helps you position the container and plant the plants properly.

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Soil requirement for rooftop kitchen gardening

Soil is very important for growing healthy plants. Do not choose chemical mixed soils, it can affect the yield of plants. The use of soil is to provide all the nutrients for the proper growth of the plants. A premium potting mix is ‚Äč‚Äčrecommended for terrace and container gardening. Mix soil with compost, sand, and organic manure to make potting soil.

Using normal garden soil for terrace gardening is a very bad idea. Because it has more weight and the amount of nutrients is less. Therefore, to reduce the weight of the container or pot, you should prepare a mixture of soil, cocopeat, vermicompost, and cow dung.

Most plants grow in potting mixes, with some plants requiring different types of soil, such as lemon and citrus plants requiring more acidic soil. Therefore, change the soil composition as per the requirement of the soil depending on the variety to be grown. You can prepare potting mix at home.

How to Prepare a HomeMade Potting Mix for Terrace Gardening

  • Choose chemical-free soil. Black soil is better for home gardening.
  • Mix it with animal manure and neem cake in the soil.
  • Add river sand, vermicompost, and cocopeat to the soil and compost mix to enhance the drainage system.

How to Prepare a Soilless Potting Mix for Terrace Gardening

Using soilless potting mix for rooftop gardening does not add weight to the roof and provides a favorable medium for plants to grow. Take equal parts of coco peat and vermicompost and mix sand. Store the potting mix in the open air for up to 3 weeks before planting. Before filling it in containers or grow bags, add organic manure like cow dung, neem cake, and mustard cake to this mixture.

Water Requirement for Terrace Gardening

  • For growing plants on the terrace, there should be good arrangement of water.
  • Buy water can or water pump spray for watering plants in the garden.
  • You can also use a bucket/mug to water your rooftop plants.
  • It is recommended to use water cans for watering the plants.
  • If you do not get time to water on time every day, then use a drip irrigation system.
  • There are many ready-made watering systems and techniques available, so you can fix them in your garden with a professional consultation.
  • Use clean water for watering the plants, and avoid giving chlorinated water to the plants.

Planting seeds and saplings for rooftop gardening

  • Buy high-quality organic seeds of the plants you need for terrace gardening.
  • Select seeds are grown for terrace gardening based on the weather and climatic conditions.
  • Some seeds need to be grown in seed trays and then transplanted into containers (pots or grow bags) to germinate.
  • To develop some plants, cuttings or cuttings of plants are applied.
  • Start terrace gardening by planting easily grown plants, you can increase the number of plants from time to time.

Best Fertilizer for Terrace Gardening

  • Plants grown in pots or grow bags require regular feed or manure as they grow.
  • Do not use chemical-based fertilizers in home gardening, a good yield of healthy plants is obtained by using organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers.
  • Use mild liquid fertilizers and slow-release organic fertilizers.
  • Natural composts like vegetable composts, fruit composts, or tea composts are best used as fertilizers.
  • Prepare the soil with cow manure once in six months. Do not use fresh cow dung as manure The dung should be around 6 to 12 months old.

Benefits of Terrace or Rooftop Gardening

  • Terrace gardening gives coolness to your building due to green plants.
  • Growing plants on the roof can reduce carbon monoxide and keep the entire environment clean and hygienic.
  • You can enjoy fresh organic vegetables or fruits from terrace gardening.
  • In terrace gardening, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers in containers.
  • Gardening is a good exercise for your body which reduces our stress and increases the blood flow in the body.

Tips for Gardening on the Roof

  • To create a beautiful landscape, choose plants according to the design of the garden.
  • Don’t get too excited about growing all kinds of plants on the first try. Make a list of plants that you can easily grow.
  • You may get failures due to garden care, watering, or overfeeding. So don’t get discouraged by failure in the initial stages, rectify your mistakes and get the right knowledge of gardening.
  • Wear gloves when working in your garden.
  • Soil selection is very important, as soil supplies basic nutrients for plants. Mix the soil with sand and vermicompost to make the soil more fertile.
  • After the rainy season, apply some light organic fertilizer with essential nutrients. As rain washes out the nutrients in the soil along with the water.
  • While terrace gardening requires regular watering, summer plants need to be watered twice a day.

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