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LED Lights Business in 2022 | Best Business Startup

LED Lights Business in 2022 – Are you thinking of starting LED Lights Making Business? Here you will get the LED Lights Making a Business plan.

LED refers to a light-emitting diode, it is a semiconductor material, it emits light when current passes through this type of semiconductor, LED is currently gaining great popularity, LED lights are available in various colors, And the voltage range varies.

The LED lamp market is projected to grow 25 percent annually to reach $25 billion in 2023. Hence LED Lights Making Business is a profitable investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Full-scale LED light manufacturing requires a large-scale factory setup with a complex production process. However, it is possible for small-scale entrepreneurs to set up LED light assembly units as small or medium-scale manufacturing operations.

LED Lights Business in 2022

The process to start an LED light manufacturing business

The following steps are involved in LED-based lighting cum LED lamp assembly:

  1. Purchase / Import Milliwatt Rated LED Chips, Circuits, and Other Mounting Equipment
  2. Embed milliwatt-rated LED chips on the PCB board with rectifier circuits, filter circuits, etc.
  3. Fit PCB board with holder cap and plastic module fitted with a smokey reflector to form a compact unit
  4. Test assembled LED lighting system and package

Raw materials to start LED light manufacturing business

For the assembly of LED-based lighting systems up to 10W you may need:

  1. LED Chips
  2. rectifier circuit with filter
  3. heat-sink device
  4. metal cap holder
  5. plastic body
  6. reflective plastic glass
  7. connecting wire
  8. soldering flux
  9. Miscellaneous items
  10. packaging material

Equipment required to start the business of making LED lights

LED light manufacturing or assembly is a complex process. Machines should be selected based on the specific LED type that is being produced and the raw material being used. However, major machines include

  1. LED Lights Assembly Machine
  2. High Speed ​​LED Mounting Machine
  3. LED Chip SMD Mounting Machine
  4. Candlelight Assembly Machine For LED
  5. LED Tube Light Assembly Machine

Other equipment that may be needed:

  1. soldering machine
  2. sealing machine
  3. mini drilling machine
  4. packaging machine
  5. LCR meter
  6. digital multimeter
  7. continuity tester
  8. lux meter
  9. oscilloscope

Documents required for the business of making LED lights

Personal Document (PD):- There are many documents within the personal document such as:

  • ID Proof:- Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof:- Ration Card, Electricity Bill,
  • bank account with passbook
  • photograph email id, phone number,
  • other documents

Business Document (PD):- There are many documents within the business document like

  • MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration
  • business registration
  • business pan card business license
  • NOC certificate from Pollution Control Board.
  • License for Factory Installation
  • Industry-Based MSME Registration
  • IEC number

LED Lights Business in 2022 registration

The entrepreneur needs to obtain the following registrations and licenses from the government authorities:

  1. Company Registration with ROC
  2. business license from the municipal authority
  4. BIS Certification
  5. Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification
  6. NOC from the pollution control board
  7. GST Registration

Pollution Control Requirements

  • During hand soldering/wave soldering/dip soldering fumes and gases are released, which are harmful to people as well as the environment and the end products. Alternative technologies can be used to phase out existing pollution technologies. Several new effluents have been developed, which contain 2–10 percent solids as opposed to the traditional 15–35 percent solids.
  • CFCs, carbon tetrachloride and methyl chloroform are used for cleaning printed circuit boards after assembly to remove flux residue left over after a variety of foams for soldering and packaging. Several alternative solvents can replace CFC-113 and methyl chloroform in electronics cleaning. Other chlorinated compounds such as trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, and methylene chloride have been used in the electronics industry as effective cleaners for many years. Ketones and other organic solvents such as alcohols are effective in removing solder flux and many polar contaminants.

Training for Business in making LED Lights

LED Light Business Training – If you want to start an LED light business, then it is necessary for you to take training so that there is no problem in doing business, for this the Government of India gives various types of LED-related training for the promotion and propagation of LED in the country. Is.

LED Light Business Training is given by Skill Development Scheme and Ministry of MSME, if you want to take training from private then you can do this course in Delhi. The fee for this course is around ₹ 5000, here you will be given all the information about LED in detail.

Marketing to Sell LED Lights

LED Light Making Business Marketing – In today’s time, marketing is very important for selling any product because the customer comes to know only after slamming it when marketing and publicity are done well about it.

Now you can easily market your LED Likee business through social media. For this, first of all, you share your products online, and you attract your customers to your product.

Marketing of your LED light can be done through posters, this is the best way of advertising, distributing pamphlets or attractive photos with details of your company in cities and other areas in the promotion of Usha company. Will go

Land and building for making LED lights

  • Builtup Area: 280 Sq. Meter (3000 Sq.ft) Office
  • Store: 93 sq m (1000 sq ft)
  • Assembly & Testing: 185 Sq. Meter (2000 Sq.ft)
  • Rent payable per month: ₹ 10,000

Advantages in making LED Lights

  • Profit per annum (before taxes) = Cost of production per annum per annum = ₹ 1,567,841
  • Net Profit Ratio = (Profit per year) × 100 / (Sales per year)
  • Rate of return = (Profit per annum) × 100 / (Total capital investment)
  • break even point.
  • Breakeven Point = (Fixed Cost) × 100 / (Fixed Cost + Profit)

Friends, today we learned how to start LED Lights Business in 2022 and we have to know in full detail. This business is very good, in this, you can earn a lot of money if you do it in the right way, what kind of business is this which is increasing day by day, why LED is used in every house in today’s time.

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