Motivational success story Of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft - Motivational success story Of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft -

Motivational success story Of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft

The biography of Bill Gates Success Story inspires us a lot. There is a great deal to know about Bill Gates.

Biography of Bill Gates

Bill was born in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates’s birthday is 28 October 1955, Bill Gates was interested in Computer Programming since childhood, he showed interest in Computer Programming (computer programming) at the age of just 13, due to which he became new through technology.
Started making new business plans and aggressive business strategies.
After some time he and his partner Paul Allen together started the world’s largest software business – “Microsoft”. Today he is the richest person in the world on the strength of Microsoft Business.

Childhood of Bill Gates – History of Bill Gates

Bill’s parents and all parents were the same, he liked to live a simple life, Bill Gates’s father William Henry Gates was a law student, later he made a career in advocacy and Bill Gates’s father wanted A career for Bill Gates to become in advocacy.

story of bill gates

Motivational success story Of Bill Gates

Bill’s mother was very fond of teaching children, her mother devoted all her time to making children’s education their career.

Bill’s mother likes to donate as a social worker to encourage children as well as remove social differences.

Bill’s mother used to take Bill many times with her to different schools and institutions in her social service work.

Bill Gates was like more children, but there was one thing in him that separates him from others, Bill Gates was hungry for studies since childhood, and he still likes to study for many hours a day.
Even during school time, he was very good at studies and was smart, but he soon became bored with it, at the age of about 11-12 years, because of his behavior with Bill’s family. Used to worry that the bill should not be read alone.

Bill’s parents started worrying about their childlike other people, due to which their parents were convinced that Bill should be given public education.

When he was 13 years old, his family enrolled him at Seattle Lakeside School, a preparatory school.
He was good in almost all subjects, but the special thing was that his ability to understand maths and science was very good and at the same time he used to participate in school plays.

A Seattle Computer Company at Bill Lakeside School gave computers to students to learn and learn computers, soon Bill Gates’ interest in computers began to grow and he used to give more and more time to computers.

What is computer programming? They used to spend many hours to know this

Learning to learn a computer, Bill Gates created a “Tic-Tac-Tow” program in a basic computer language so that the computer player could play against the computer.

At Lakeside School, Bill met Paul Allen, who was two years older than him, who had become very good friends because of their computer concepts and ideas, while their other views did not match at all. Were.

Paul Allen was very shy and calm, while Bill was completely different in his nature, both of them spent most of their time programming.

Now there used to be so much of a friendship that sometimes both of them used to argue that who is right and who is better and more capable of running the computer lab of their school.

The computer facilities available to Bill Gates and Allen in their school were banned by the company because both of them used to spend all their time in the lab learning their computers and tinkering with the company’s software.

After some time, both of them were again allowed to come to the lab on the condition that they remove the error from the program, in the same time, Bill Gates created another software program that was listed at the time of the school. Time Schedule) used to work.

In 1970, Bill was only 15 years old, Bill went to business with his friend Paul Allen. He created the “Traf-O-Data” program which monitored the traffic pattern of Seattle City and tried to improve it.

He got $20,000 for this effort, which was his first earning, yes Bill Gates’s first earning was $20,000.

History of Bill Gates

Motivational success story Of Bill Gates

Bill and his friend Allen’s whole mind was in software work, which Microsoft company was started in 1975. Initially known as Micro-Soft, this company Bill and Allen created the first program named BASIC, which is the famous programming language of microcomputers. This attempt was successful.

Then he also worked for other systems, Bill Microsoft skyrocketed, and in about five years Microsoft started coming into the eyes of the world.

In 1980, International Business Machines (IBM) received an offer in which Microsoft was asked to write a “Basic Interpreter” for their upcoming personal computer.

Microsoft developed an operating system called PC DOS for IBM and its fee was given by IBM to $ 50,000, which was considered a very high amount at that time.

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bill gates personal life

Bill’s personal life Bill Gates was married in 1994 to Melinda living in France. Jennifer gave birth to Catherine Gates in 1996.

Bill and Melinda have two children named Rory John Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates.

At present, Bill lives with his family in his beautiful house in Medina, Washington, which is worth $ 12.50 million.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation

In 2000, Bill along with his wife founded the Bill and Melinda Foundation, which is the world’s largest charitable foundation that operates transparently.
The name of this foundation comes from the world’s largest private foundation, whose aim is to increase the health of people in society and reduce extreme poverty around the world.
His foundation donated funds to problems that were overlooked by the government, such as agriculture, college scholarships for underrepresented minority communities, the prevention of diseases like AIDS, etc.

Biography of Bill Gates – Virtue work Bill Gates

In 1999, Bill donated $ 20 million to MIT College to build a computer lab, which was named the “William H. Gates Building”.

In 2010, Bill made an agreement with one of the world’s richest men, “Warren Buffett” and Facebook’s founder, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which they would donate half of their earnings to charity.

Important things about Bill Gates. Unknown facts about Bill Gates

  • At the age of 13, he created his first computer program Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Bill’s childhood name was “Trey”.
  • Bill used to tell his friends in his childhood that he would become a millionaire by the age of 30 and what was true, he had become a millionaire at the age of 31.
  • In 1977, he was arrested by the police in New Mexico for driving without a license.
  • In 1994, the Codex Lester, a collection of pages by Leonardo da Vinci, was bought by Bill at an auction for $30.8 million.
  • Bill was sad that he does not know the language of any other country.
  • Bill was not on social media for the first time before he created his account on Facebook, after meeting Facebook co-founder Mark.
  • If the Microsoft company had failed, Bill Gates would have been an innovator in artificial intelligence.
  • Bill has given only 10 million dollars to his children, and only after that, the remaining property will not be given.
  • Bill’s favorite book is “Business Adventure”.
  • In 2007, Bill was awarded the degree of Honor by HARVARD UNIVERSITY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY was left 32 years ago by Bill Gates in the middle of his studies.
  • Gates comes to India every year and does important work for the poor of India.
  • While attending school, he earned $ 4,200 by creating computer programs.
  • In the Forbes list of the world’s richest people, Gates’ name continued to be number one for 11 consecutive years.
  • He also wrote two books – The Road Ahead and Business @ The Speed ​​of Thought.
  • The foundation of the world’s largest software company was laid by Bill Gates.


What did Bill Gates create?

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’ book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic will be launched on May 3.

How much does Bill Gates earn in 1 day?

Let us tell you that according to the report released a few months ago, Bill Gates’s earnings per second is 12 thousand 54 rupees, that is, one day’s earnings are 102 crores. According to this, if he spends 6 and a half crores a day, then it will take him 218 years to spend the entire rupee.

Which country is Bill Gates from?


What is the net worth of Bill Gates?

132.6 billion USD (2022)

Whose company is Microsoft?

Microsoft is an American technology and computer software company. Its founders are Bill Gates and Paul Allen and they are permanent residents of America, they started Microsoft company on 4 April 1975 in New Mexico, United States. Microsoft’s headquarter is in Washington, USA

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