Today we are going to talk about startup ideas for students. If you are a student then you should know one thing that the pocket money you get to meet the expenses of the month for you

Content Writing

A student has no dearth of knowledge and gradually keeps on increasing his knowledge from books. Keeping this in mind, you can write content like articles for a website or blog.

Working as a Freelancer

You must have heard the name of a very popular website Fiver, in which people make their own gigs and sell them to other people. Fiverr is a platform to match buyer and seller

Music Review

If you like to listen to songs, then you can also use it as a business, there are some websites that give you money in return for reviewing music.

Selling Notes

Needy people go to this website and buy notes, with the help of which this website transfers the money given by your buyer to you after deducting some of its commission.

Own website

To start a website, you can take your own domain and hosting. Now you can make your own website with the help of internet which can be good for your earning in coming time.

Video Editing

It has been told by Google that previously search any news related blogs and websites where people read more, but currently, one of Google's platforms is to watch videos on YouTube.