we have gathered the most profitable village run business 2022 for small towns, villages and rural areas. business ideas that are going to run in the village start your own village business.

Making incense sticks

Anyone can start a small scale agarbatti making business. Agarbatti is considered as one of the household items which has increased market potential. 

Opening a poultry farm does not require much land. You can start this business very easily on your own or with the help of some other people.  business on a contract basis with a vendor

Poultry farm

Milk sales

It is very common to rear cows and buffaloes in Indian villages. There are many dairy farms which demand huge quantity of milk. These milk centers collect milk from the villagers. 

Flower farming

This is a year-round business and the demand for flowers in religious ceremonies will not see a dip in future. Flowers are also used in decoration and small scale trade in villages.

Medical shop

People in rural areas usually come to nearby cities to get medicines which is not very common. One of the business ideas in rural areas can be a good decision to start a medical shop.

Fishing business

The demand for fish and other seafood is extremely high in India and thus it is one of the most lucrative small business ideas for small towns in the coastal areas.