Which is one of the largest electrical vehicle manufacturer in the world and is also working on clean energy generation. The market capitalization of the Tesla company has reached 98.63 billion.

So far the company has launched Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, Semi Truck, Tesla Pickup Truck and Tesla Roadster. All these models of electric vehicles are available in the market for purchase.

Tesla bought some organization to run its business more successfully. Tesla bought 6 outfits. Their first acquisition was Riviera Tool LLC which manufactures stamping die systems.

 The research and development department is very strong, due to which Tesla is able to discover new technology

The capacity of its manufacturing unit is very less. Making eco-friendly products but awareness among people about it is very less. The prices of its products are very high.

They can increase their sales in the market. They are expanding globally. There are many distribution channels in Asian countries. adopting new technology.