Today we will know how to start fish farming | how to do fish farming | and what is fish farming business. How much land is required for the fish farming business?

how many ways can the fish farming business be done? What kind of feed is given to the fish for their growth? How much financial help will the government give in the cost of starting this business?

How to do fish farming

If you want to get information about how to do fish farming, then you have come to the right place. If you have not received good information from anywhere, then do not worry

Why fish farming is done

If we talk about the participation of agricultural producers in India’s economy, then only fisheries producers have 40% of them.

That is, in order to strengthen the economy, fish farming has a big role. In India, different types of English medicines are also prepared by the special breed of fish, fish oil is prepared

Fish is also used in food and in making some medicines. Fish oil is also being used for cooking since time immemorial. People mostly use fish for food. Fish contains a high amount of protein.

What is fish farming business?

The fish farming business is called the fish farming business by filling clean protein-rich water in a big pond, raising fish in them

and making them big by selling them at good prices in the market. In this, from time to time, fishes have to be looked after and the ph level of water has to be maintained in water logging.

This is one such business. Which you can start with a very low cost, it does not require any kind of labor and you can earn more profit from it.