Terrace gardening or rooftop gardening is becoming very popular. Do people also like to make terrace gardens on the roof of their house in this article How to make terrace garden?

The method of growing vegetables on the terrace and terrace gardening is explained in detail. Read this article completely to know how to do a kitchen garden on the terrace.

Gardening is the best hobby, which gives us relief from stress, it is also a good exercise for the body. We all know that trees and plants give us fresh air, and make our body and mind fresh.

We build our house on less space, due to which we do not get enough space for gardening. So, terrace gardening (rooftop gardening) is one of the best solutions.

The terrace is the place where the plants get good air, sun, and water to grow. Terrace gardening doesn’t have to be very expensive either.

The terrace garden is very easy to maintain, you can grow all kinds of vegetables/fruits in it. If you are planning to start terrace gardening, then this article will give you a complete idea.

Basic Requirements for Rooftop Gardening

Making a garden on a terrace is not very expensive, you can get all the necessary items from the nursery

items from the nursery for a terrace garden like plants or seeds, containers, grow bags, pots, gardening equipment, and garden soil. Or you can get potting soil and organic manures, etc.

gardening is your dedication, which is reflected in the amount of time you spend caring for the plants. doesn’t require many hours, while a minimum of 1 hour a day is enough to take care of plants.