Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man and founder of e-commerce giant Amazon, has given a special advice to budding entrepreneurs. It can take them to new dimensions of success in life.

Never forget your customers. It is wrong to ignore them. At the same time, he said that one should not be afraid of making mistakes. One should maintain spontaneity even when things go wrong.

Bezos said that passion for work is the first step to success. According to the news of Economic Times, in fact, you are competing with such people, who are themselves very passionate.

Jeff said that if you have such a business idea, in which there is no risk, then it means that someone else must have done it already. By following that idea, you will not gain much.

He will remain just an experiment. We should always be ready to take risks and talk about failure. That's why you have to work hard in business.

We should be ready to take big losses in business. Because without incurring losses you will not be able to move forward. If it is not so, then we are not trying that hard.

The more you try, the more you will fail. In Bassbas, you get maximum 4 runs for 1 short but if you are successful in business, you can score up to 100 runs.

Jeff told that all those who have been successful have the habit of listening more. He keeps on changing himself. That is, live with change. If you do not change yourself on time

The biggest feature of those who have been successful is that they do not fall into any drift or favoritism. Bezos said that many times we think that our idea is good but no one is attracted to it.

If you have such a business idea, in which there is no risk, then it means that someone else has already implemented it. You have to bring something that no one has worked on.