Ratan Tata, India's veteran industrialist and chairman of Tata Sons, has invested extensively in many successful startups of the country, although he considers himself an accidental investor.

focus on innovation

Those startups who have innovated have a bright future, so keep on innovating Tata is putting more emphasis on innovation for startups!

Attitude of Promoters

What is the attitude of the promoters of the startup, what idea they have come up with and their solution to work based on their vision!

No right time

There is nothing like fight time to go global for startups it is the responsibility and understanding inside when they have to expand their global

focus on value

Ratan Tata hopes that the startup also gives prominence to the value factor, given how high the value of this group is.

Respect others

In such a situation, those who know Ratan Tata personally say that he always remains calm and gentle, he meets everyone with great love, even the smallest employee of his company.