The first thing that millions of people drink when they wake up in the morning is tea. The business has always been seen as a small business.

Spread the business of tea so much that today it has more than 200 outlets, whose turnover for a day is about 30 lakh rupees.

Actually we are talking about Anubhav Dubey, who was a student of UPSC. Anubhav Dubey started “CHAI SUTTA BAR” in the year 2016

Anubhav starts selling Coffee & Snacks with 10 different types of Chai Flavors Masala Chai, Cardamom Chai, Chocolate Chai,Ginger Chai, Paan, Kesar, Tuli & Jumbo Tea Chai at their CHAI SUTTA BAR

The idea of starting a tea business came in the mind of 22 years of experience while preparing for UPSC. Experience felt that a large number of people drink tea and coffee in our country.

Anubhav started his tea business in Indore after thorough research and named it “CHAI SUTTA BAR”. Anubhav did not even tell his father about his business.

Anubhav created a special strategy to increase the popularity of “CHAI SUTTA BAR”. Anubhav opened his shop in front of a girls hostel.

The business of “CHAI SUTTA BAR” started, “CHAI SUTTA BAR” became so much name among the people that people from different places started contacting experience to take the franchise of CHAI SUTTA BAR