Today we will know about 5 such stock market investors of India who started with a lot of money and today they are millionaires.

By Ruchi 

There is two way to learn in the stock market, one is trial and error, and the second is by observing what Successful Investors in India are doing.

we will discuss the top 5 Share Market King in the country. We will discuss their portfolio, investment pattern, and many other factors.

At number one is the name of Premji and Associate whose total net worth is Rs.253,000 crores. His style of investing is very simple, he buys and then holds the shares for the long-term.

Radhakrishnan Damani comes second in Stock Market Investors whose network is Rs.202,200 crore. Radhakrishnan Damani is the richest trader in the country

“The Big Bull” of the Indian stock market and one of the best Investors in India not only because his net worth is Rs.23,000 crores. He inspires a lot of investors across the nation and worldwide.

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A new name has been added to the list of Top Share Market Investors in India recently and that is Mukul Agarwal. started trading and investing towards the end of the 1990s worth Rs.2,256 crores

In the fifth position, we have Sunil Singhania as of the Top 5  Investors in India. Sunil Singhania has worth Rs.2,248 crores He is one of the popular names in the stock market circles.