Warren Buffett Tips: 'If the market is falling, be greedy'; Remember these tips of market guru, you will become rich Here we have given some market tips of Warren Buffett.

You become greedy when others are afraid

When the market falls, instead of being afraid like others, you should become greedy. Fall always brings good investment opportunities

View the business of the company, not the share price

While investing money, it should not be seen what is the price of the share. Instead, look at that company's business.

If you can not keep it for a long time then stay away from the stock

Warren Buffett says that if you are not able to hold a stock for 10 years, then refrain from buying it.

Don't watch share price again and again

It is a wrong strategy to watch the share prices again and again. Investors can lose money by selling or buying shares after seeing an immediate fall or rise.

learn to believe in yourself

If success in the stock market is water, then learn to believe in yourself, instead of taking advice from others again and again, do research about the stock yourself.