Adit and Kaivalya got admission in Stanford University's Computer Science Engineering Program last year. Both of them decided to leave their studies and become entrepreneurs.

19-year-old Adit and Kaivalya left Stafford University and returned to India. In our country, he applied a great idea and created the 10 minute delivery app Zepto.

Adit and Kaivalya's apps are worth between $200 million and $300 million. The app has received support from investors like Y Combinator, Glade Brook Capital, Lachy Groom and Neeraj Arora.

Adit and Kaivalya claim that through their app, things reach the customers in a stipulated time. Discounts are given to the customers if the items do not arrive on time.

Customers can order fruits, vegetables, meats, chocolates, soft drinks through this app from 7 am to 2 pm.

There are big apps in front of Adit and Kaivalya. Grofers has also started 10 minute delivery. Apart from this, Dunzo, Q-Commerce are also known for quick delivery.

Zepto company has 100 micro warehouses, this company has become a company of Rs 4300 crores in just 5 months.