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What is encryption? And where is encryption used?

What is encryption: Friends, these days most people are spending their time online on social media like the internet or WhatsApp Facebook. And in such a situation the crime of data theft by hackers has increased a lot.

Friends, there was a time a while ago when thieves were stealing from people’s houses, friends, but now it is not like that at all. Nowadays, most thefts, scams, and frauds are carried out on the Internet by online hackers using computers. Friends, hackers can do a lot of wrong things by stealing your data, if your personal WhatsApp message is read by hackers, they can get you in trouble at some point.

Friends, encryption has been introduced to avoid the problem of data theft. Today in this article we are going to tell you what is encryption. And how it is used and named.

What is encryption? And where is encryption used?

What does encryption mean? What is Encryption?

So friends, first of all, I want to tell you what is Encryption. So friends, encryption means writing code. If it is spoken in simple language, encryption means converting any information or data into secret code to secure it.

Converting to Encryption Code. To prevent unauthorized access to any data or information in general.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a process in which data files and information are converted to an unreadable format by an algorithm. With this, no unauthorized user will be able to read the data covered. In simple terms, if you convert any data file or information into a code form, it is called encryption.

Once the information or data is encrypted, only the person who has the password or decryption key can read that data openly. After applying encryption to any information or file, it is called ciphertext while the information before encryption is called platext.

Friends, this whole process of encrypting and decrypting data is called cryptography in simple terms. Friends, this cryptography technique has been introduced so that when a data file or any information is shared by any two people, no hacker or any other person can read and view this information.

Friends Cryptography is also used by credit and debit card companies to secure their card numbers. Friends, let me tell you that there are different types of cryptography.

What is decryption?

decryption is the process by which we decode the encrypted file or data and bring it back to its original form. So that it can be used again as before and that data can be read.
Encrypted files or data are manually decrypted or de-encrypted using the keys used during encryption.

Where is encryption used?

Friends, we use encryption every day in our daily life, but we don’t know about it at all because our computers and mobiles are doing this process themselves.

Friends, let’s see where we are knowingly using encryption in our daily lives.

File Storage: Friends, nowadays people are using a lot of online media storage like Mega, Dropbox, and Google Drive file storage platform is very trendy, in all these also encryption is used to keep the file safe.

ATM: Friends must have used Atm themselves. So when you withdraw money from an ATM, encryption is used to protect your data, as well as all ATM transactions, are encrypted. So that no one can tamper with your money.

Email: Friends, encryption is also used to protect email information when you send or receive emails from someone, i.e. exchange emails.

Website: Friends, you must be visiting many websites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook all day long. Https is written at the beginning of the URL of this site, which means hypertext transfer protocol that uses encryption to protect the website.

Social Media Apps: Friends, encryption is used not only on websites but also on other platforms like Android apps. Not only will your phone have WhatsApp, but it will also use encryption for calls and messages.

Friends, almost every day we use encryption without knowing it. Friends, apart from all this, Crytography is used on many platforms.

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Importance of Encryption

Friends, in today’s world where cases of online scams and internet fraud are increasing day by day and many dangerous hackers, are ambushing the internet to steal your data, you have to use encryption to protect your information. It has become very necessary to use it. The importance of encryption can be understood by looking at different currencies.

Security of Data

The encryption method is the most useful method for securing data on any device such as hard disk (HDD), SDD, and online cloud-based storage. Friends, suppose you use the encryption method to save your data then your files and other information contained in it are safe even if your device is lost. In addition, the encryption method is also used to ensure that no third party intercepts data even in the case of data transfer between two people.

Privacy Of Data

Friends, if your device is also used by others, you can encrypt that data to protect any of your important data or files. You will not need to lock your entire device after using this method. And you will also have the protection of your private files.

Data integrity

Friends, the encryption method not only protects the data but also ensures that the data files sent by the first user to the second user are original and have not been modified.

Types of encryption

Friends, let me tell you how many types of encryption there are. So friends, these are mainly of two types of encryption. The first is symmetric encryption and the second is asymmetric encryption. Now let me tell you about them in detail.

Symmetric Encryption

Friends, in the process of symmetric encryption, there is a single key for both encrypting data and information and decrypting that information. Since both encryption and decryption have the same key, in this process of encryption, the user who encrypts the data file or information must share the encryption key with each user with whom he wants to share this data. For this reason, this process of encryption is also called shared encryption.

Asymmetric Encryption

The process of asymmetric encryption involves two keys, the first key is used to encrypt the data and the second key is used to decrypt the data. In such cases, the user encloses the key while encrypting and the decryption key is shared publicly with the people with whom he wants to share the data.

This process of encryption is also called public-key encryption. Friends, you must have noticed that the URL of the website has HTTP, this encryption key is also used in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to convert HTTP to HTTPS.

Examples of encryption

Friends, there are many examples of such encryption.

Field-level encryption

Friends, field-level encryption is used to encrypting any one specific field. Friendship Online field-level encryption is used in place of a time password when logging in to any website on the Internet.

Because of this, your password is converted into a coded form as soon as you enter your password. And friends, even if you enter your important information like debit card, credit card, or bank account number in any e-commerce or online shopping site, only field-level encryption is used instead.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE)

Friends end-to-end encryption is a type of asymmetric encryption. With this method, messages are encrypted in such a way that no third party other than the sender and the recipient can read them, whether the company itself or the government sends the message.

End-to-end encryption is the most secure method used to send messages. Friends, WhatsApp Messenger also uses an end-to-end encryption method for sending messages. And WhatsApp is the biggest example of end-to-end encryption.

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Network-level encryption

Friends, in network-level encryption, data is encrypted in such a way that only people within a certain network can decrypt it. Friends, this process requires the use of a variety of tools and techniques. And in this too, two or more encryption algorithms are used to ensure that the information sent is properly encrypted and can be delivered to the receiver without any loss. Friends, encryption is also used in IP-based networks.

Benefits of Encryption

  1. A friend encryption method is an effective way to securely transfer any important information from one place to another.
  2. Friends, on any device, we can use the encryption method for the privacy of files.
  3. Encryption is the best way to keep track of the authenticity of any type of data or information.
  4. Encryption is used to prevent data corruption, integrity attacks, ransomware, and many more.

Disadvantages of Encryption

  1. Friends, once any data is encrypted, it can only be opened with a decryption key. And if you lost that key somewhere or if you accidentally forgot, in such a case you may lose your data.
  2. Friends, using end-to-end encryption, any user can share their confidential information

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